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Oscar 1000 Glazing RobotAn Oscar 1000 glazing robot was recently commissioned to assist with installation of glazing on a brand-new hotel in Brighton, UK.

Inside-out glazing had to be carried out on the ground floor of this new build. The 2023mm x 3591mm glass units that were to be installed weighed up to 417kg and had to be manoeuvred through the installation point from the inside.

The Oscar 1000 glazing robot is one of GGR Group’s strongest, with a lifting capacity of up to an impressive 1 tonne. This glazing robot is the ideal lifting solution for handling heavy glass, where installation space is restricted with scaffolding and other obstacles.

This glazing robot has been developed with features such as, a manual 360° rotation, a 180° pad frame tilt, a 90° manual slew and a powered 90° lateral movement. Fitted with a rear wheel drive, the Oscar 1000 can adjust its position on the spot, making sure all glass is accurately placed for an easy installation.

At just 1270mm wide, this machine can carry heavy loads through narrow access points with an articulated joint allowing the hydraulic head to swing into an overhead position. It is the ideal glazing robot for operating re-glazing work in tight areas.

GGR Group are proud to have the Oscar range as part of the fleet!

For more information on the Oscar 1000, click here.

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