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Tandem Lift - GGR GroupTwo of GGR’s largest capacity pick and carry cranes, the GF250 and GF200 were recently hired to help lift this machinery into place in the UK.

Tandem lifts are something we look forward to here at GGR Group, they are often complex and require careful planning to ensure the project runs smoothly and the load is lifted with ease. It also makes for a great photo shoot!

These two mighty mini pick and carry cranes were commissioned along with two of GGR’s A66 crane operators, to pick the machinery from the truck and then carry it into the building for installation. All ancillary items were also unloaded and moved into the building by the cranes, ensuring that everything was in its correct location for build and installation.

For the main part of the lift, these two heavy capacity cranes had to lift this 10-tonne machine with precision, to ensure it was placed into its optimum position for installation.

These machines are some of GGR’s largest capacity mini cranes, with the GF250 featuring 25 tonnes lifting capacity and the GF200 featuring 20 tonnes of lifting power. They are perfect for projects of this kind, where heavy machinery needs to be lifted and manoeuvred into place.

Our range of eco friendly pick and carry cranes are typically used in industrial lifting with thanks to their heavy lifting capacity and small working footprint. They are 100% battery powered which makes them particularly attractive for use in doors thanks to their fume free and low emissions operation. They are often used in sensitive environments like food processing plants, hospitals and airports for machinery moves, steel lifting, glass lifting and more.

Find out more about our pick and carry range here or contact our friendly team today on 0161 683 2580.

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