By: Kelly Holdaway On: December 19, 2013 In: Blog Comments: 0

Starworker trailer crane installing chimney

The generous working radius and lifting height of GGR’s Starworker trailer crane were put to good use once again at a car body repair shop in Bedfordshire recently.

The 1.2 tonne capacity Starworker 1200 and one of GGR’s operators were hired to help extend two chimneys on the workshop’s roof which are vital for letting out car paint fumes from respray jobs.

Although the chimney extensions only weighed 100kg each, the customer needed a crane with impressive reach to work at the 13.5 metre radius required to install them from the car park area.

The Starworker 1200 lifted the chimney sections to a maximum height of 15.4 metres and completed the job in one day. GGR’s operator helped out with slinging each load before it was lifted up to its installation point.

GGR’s compact cranes and vacuum lifters are often used for work in the automotive industry, whether it’s building car showrooms, on the production line or lifting cars for exhibitions.

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