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image3 comA G20 Pick and Carry Crane and MRTA611 Vacuum Lifter teamed up to install a sound barrier at Allerton South Railway Depot. The reflective acoustic cladding panels are designed to attach to existing walls and structures to reduce environmental noise pollution.

Like many of our other battery operated pick and carry cranes, the G20 is fume-free and suitable for work in sensitive or congested environments including workshops, factories, power plants and busy transport depots, like the one at Allerton South. A practical alternative to a forklift, the pedestrian operated compact crane has an impressive 5.3m maximum lifting height and can quickly pick, carry and place loads thanks to its 180° rear hydraulic drive.

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The battery operated G20 pick and carry crane, with its lifting capacity of 2t, was able to lift the 58kg vacuum lifter along with the cladding panels that weighed in at 200kg each. Equally, the MRTA611 was the perfect choice to lift and install the 80 cladding panels which were 6m in height and 2m wide.  Ideal for lifting longer units in tight work locations, the Six-in-line lifting device features 180 degree manual rotation, is lockable in three positions as well as 90 degree tilt, making it convenient to use and very  popular with our customers.

Our G20 pick and carry cranes have teamed up with cladding lifters before, take a look at this job at a cold store centre. Visit our Cladding Lifters page to take a look at our full range and to find the right machine for your cladding challenge.


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