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UNIC URW-506 mini crane at railway crossing

A UNIC mini spider crane came to the rescue of a farmer in Warrington who needed some precautions putting in place to make sure his cattle and farming equipment could travel over a nearby railway crossing safely.

GGR’s 3 tonne capacity UNIC URW-506 spider crane was hired to string up a row of bells in between two posts near to a crossing point on the Manchester to Liverpool electrified railway line. Positioned on the farmer’s route to the crossing from his fields, the bells are set at the same height as the overhead lines so the farmer will be pre-warned if his equipment is too tall to get under them safely once the line’s power is turned on.

UNIC spider crane being tracked across farmers fieldThe mini crane lifted a man basket to a 5 metre height so the bells could be attached to the posts and spaced out correctly. The UNIC URW-506 was transported down a track from the farm reach the lifting location, where the crane’s wide footprint provided enough stability for it to work on the soft, uneven ground without sinking.

GGR’s mini cranes are used to working in remote, rural locations that are a little off the beaten track. Here’s how we installed glazing at a countryside cottage, worked in the Welsh woodlands and lifted power line poles on the estate of a country manor.


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