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We’ve been helping to put the bare necessities in place recently with the creation of a new glass Panda enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo. The new enclosure is designed to accommodate two rare pandas: Tian Tian and Yuang Guang, which are due to arrive from China later this year.

The new enclosure, which includes swimming pool, cave, nursery and climbing area, is surrounded by an expansive glass walkway designed to accommodate up to 600 spectators per hour.  The viewing wall is formed from ten 4.5m² heavily laminated glass panels, each weighing 500kg, designed to protect both panda and visitor alike.

GGR's vacuum lifter installing glass at panda house

GGR’s Hydraulica 1000 glass vacuum lifter was hired to safely install the glass panels.  This below-the-hook vacuum device is capable of lifting glass weighing up to 1000kg and encompasses two independent vacuum circuits, each designed to hold the nominal load on its own as an extra safety precaution.  Each sheet was successfully lifted into position, much to the amusement of the surrounding animals.

Edinburgh Zoo monkey watches Panda Project with interest









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