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Oscar 1400An Oscar 1400 recently assisted with the lifting and installation of large glass art pieces at the White Cube gallery in London.

Three large, glass art pieces had to be unloaded outside the gallery and transported to the basement for installation. GGR Group’s strongest glazing robot used power and expert manipulation skills to manoeuvre the pieces through the building.

Weighing around 500kg, these large glass pieces required a reliable lifting aid for installation. The art pieces needed to be installed in landscape position, with a width of up to 4.5 metres and a glass thickness of 14mm.

The glazing robot was used to rotate the glass pieces to a portrait position to fit through the building, to then be rotated back to landscape position for installation on to the gallery wall.

Oscar 1400Boasting a lifting capacity of 1.4 tonnes, the Oscar 1400 is ideal for working on large-scale glazing projects. Featuring a 360° rotation and a 90° tilt function, this glazing robot offers proficient manipulation of glass loads.

With a width of just 1.3 metres, this machine is easily operated within confined spaces and areas where access is restricted. Built with solid rubber wheels and optional stabilisers, this machine allows safe transportation across all sites with loads.

Lifting and placing loads around this pristine art gallery was no problem for this robot!

For more information on the Oscar 1400, click here.


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