By: Kelly Holdaway On: March 18, 2014 In: Blog Comments: 0

Oscar Offroad at police station

One of our Oscar glazing robots did a stint in the slammer recently, but not for bad behaviour, just to help out with a tricky door installation job.

The Oscar 600 Offroad machine was recently used to install super strong blast-proof doors to the new divisional headquarters for West Yorkshire Police. The Oscar used its four suction cups in a linear configuration to lift the doors into the new 40 cell custody suite.


GGR recommended the Oscar robot as the ideal piece of kit for this job as we had already completed a test lift using a similar prison cell door in our depot. Watch the video here. The Offroad model measures just 780mm wide so it could easily access the site and transport the doors across the uneven terrain.

Oscar glazing robot installing blast proof doorsThe Oscar’s small chassis meant it could travel through doorways to get close enough to the installation point where the 350kg doors, slung in a sideways position, could be fixed onto their hinges.  Alternative lifting methods like using a small telehandler would have been problematic as it would have struggled to get close enough to the doorways and move around the limited working space in this congested area unlike the Oscar.

Read more about some of the lifting work our Oscar installation robots have been hired out for in this blog.


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