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Oscar glazing robot

Since we launched our range of Oscar glazing robots in summer 2012, the four models have worked on over 220 projects, becoming sought-after machines for installing glass around the country. Their zero-emissions operation has proven to be ideal for use in enclosed spaces and sensitive environments, enabling subcontractors to reduce their carbon footprint.

Exclusively available to hire and purchase in the UK from GGR Group, the Oscar robots are ideal for reaching areas that other machines can’t reach on restricted access or congested sites to glaze buildings from the inside out.

Here are some examples of Oscars doing what they do best at shopping centres, hotels and universities.

Oscar robot at Cambridge shopping centreThis Oscar 600 robot spent the day working inside the Grand Arcade shopping centre in Cambridge to install a new shop front. The battery powered 600kg capacity Oscar has easy to use steering wheel controls so it could be carefully manoeuvred around the busy site to install 256kg glass panels behind the hoarding.


The higher capacity Oscar 1000 machine was hired to work at the Boldrewood Campus, University of Southampton. The 1000kg capacity Oscar installed a number of glass units weighing up to 385kg and measuring up to 3.5 metres wide from inside the campus building. The Oscar’s dual circuit vacuum head is mounted on a telescoping lifting arm and can tilt by 180° (for overhead installation), slew by 180° and rotate loads by 360°.

Oscar 1000 at University of Southampton

An Oscar 600 also carried out inside-out glazing work at a college in Manchester recently, installing four 400kg 3 metre x 3 metre panels at ground level. The Oscar robots also feature a unique and innovative sideshift function that carefully shifts the glass 50mm left or right, without having to completely realign the whole machine.

Another Oscar 600 robot was also used to install eight 188kg glazed units to a brand new hotel in Shepherd’s Bush, London. This machine was ideal for working on this site where space and access was very limited. The Oscar’s lifting arm has an articulated joint which can swing loads to the side to make it easier to move through narrow spaces or doorways.

Oscar robot at hotel

Find out more about other successful projects that were completed with some help from an Oscar at Edgbaston cricket ground and MediaCityUK in Salford. Take a look at GGR’s full range of glazing robots here.

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