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As a new addition to our range of lifting equipment and accessories, GGR Group is launching a new car lifting hoist which can be used to transport vehicles of up to 2.5 tonnes.

The hoist has been designed, tested and built by our in-house research and development team and will be available for hire in the New Year.

Reacting to customer demand for a safer solution to lifting cars, GGR developed this below-the-hook hoist which can be adjusted to suit cars of various sizes up to 2.4 metres wide. The 2500kg safe working load of the hoist means it can handle a variety of vehicles and has already been used to lift everything from an Aston Martin supercar to a compact Mini Cooper.

The portable hoist consists of two steel box sections to support the wheels and sturdy slings which attach to the frame’s four points, so the car’s weight can be evenly distributed and lifted. The frame is simply slid underneath the car, straps and slings can be adjusted depending on the length of its wheelbase then the car is ready for lifting.

This piece of equipment enables damage free lifting, as the only point of contact the hoist has with the car itself is with its rubber tyres, unlike other car lifting devices on the market which have to be fixed directly to the vehicle body.

As it can be used in combination with our Unic mini cranes and Galizia pick and carry cranes, it can lift cars both outdoors and indoors in restricted access areas. This makes it ideal for use in car showrooms, exhibitions and shopping centres.

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