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Finding a crane that can maximise efficiency across your work site can seem like an exhausting task with so many choices available today. Within this blog on our Mini Crawler Cranes, we hope to simplify this process for you. These compact lifting solutions offer impressive lifting power as well as efficiency, versatility, and precision. The Mini Crawler Crane is a remarkable piece of kit that can be used across a broad range of applications – see how they can help you below.

Compact Footprint, Immense Power

GGR Group's MCC500D Mini Crawler Crane lifting an excavator over a sea wall on Canvey Island.

GGR Group’s MCC500D Mini Crawler Crane lifting an excavator over a sea wall on Canvey Island.

With the design of urban areas as well as the challenge of navigating outdoor settings it is often an essential need for a mini crane on a project. Our range of Mini Crawler Cranes have a remarkably small footprint with the smallest MCC383 having a width of just 1740mm. This is excellent for squeezing down tight streets and traversing challenging terrain.

An example of one of our Mini Crawler Cranes putting their small designs to good use is this MCC500D lifting an excavator over a sea wall. This project needed a nimble machine that could lift heavy and fit onto the pedestrian path.

Versatility Unleashed

Our Mini Crawler Cranes vary in their designs beyond just size and strength to accommodate the needs of different projects. With capacities ranging from 2.9t to 10t users can lift a variety of loads in restricted areas due to their smaller size. Designed with adaptability in mind all of our Mini Crawler Cranes have rugged tracks with plenty of gradeability for rough terrain. Some of the models are also fitted with a blade at the front of the machine for levelling any unruly surfaces.

Efficiency Redefined

When working on a project one of the worst things that can happen is getting stuck with a crane that seems to slow things down. A crane that is hard to move around or seems to take ages to lift can be extremely frustrating. Our Mini Crawler Cranes offer unrivalled strength in a compact package. Simple to manoeuvre due to their robust tracks and user-friendly controls operators feel empowered to get the job done. These cranes are also weather-friendly because of their comfortable cabs which keep you dry while keeping you on track for completing your project.

The MCC1005 showed off the efficiency and possibilities a Mini Crawler Crane can bring to your project in this Case Study. Along a canal bank, an old bridge needed replacing but the challenge of the size of the bank and ground bearing pressure meant it could not accommodate larger plant machinery for the job. This is where the MCC1005 came in to offer its compact lifting power in the rainy north of the UK. Watch the full video.

The MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane holding shuttering in place.

The MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane holding shuttering in place.

Precision in Every Move

Mini crawler cranes are ideal for lifting and positioning heavy loads, thanks to a range of design features. Their compact size and crawler tracks provide excellent stability and manoeuvrability, making them suitable for tight or challenging work environments. The telescopic booms offer fine control and adjustments, allowing for precise movements. Our crawler cranes have various safety mechanisms as well to enhance precision and safety during operations. Some of these are safe load indicators, inclination alarms, overwind protection, working status lamps, and more.

Our MCC805 showed off its precise moves as part of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme along the River Aire. This project needed a crane that could traverse down tight dirt paths and lift heavy shuttering in the restricted space the riverbank offered. Watch the full video.


As a leader in lifting solutions, GGR Group recognises the potential mini crawler cranes can offer in transforming lifting operations. Offering a compact design and efficiency across a broad range of projects these cranes can be relied upon to get the job done. For more information on what our Mini Crawler Cranes can do for your project contact our wonderful team here.

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