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GGR Group, no.1 for lifting solutions, was approached to install shuttering for the construction of flood defence walls along the River Aire. As part of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme, this project will contribute to the protection of homes, businesses, and key infrastructure along a 14km stretch of the river. After Phase 2 of the Scheme is completed, the chance of flooding per year will be reduced to 0.5%.

MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane lifting shuttering.

MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane lifting shuttering.

The shuttering was needed so flood defence walls could be built in front of a factory building along the river. Just under the Grade 2 listed Kirkstall Viaduct both a rebar cage and the shuttering would need to be installed. The shuttering would then be filled with concrete to form the wall. GGR would also need to remove the shuttering once the concrete had cured.

Due to the riverside location access was an issue as many larger cranes would not be suitable for use there. With no convenient path down to the river and less ground-bearing pressure by the water, a smaller machine was needed. The access path was 3m wide at its narrowest point meaning the selected crane could be no larger. In the unlikely event of an oil spill, the oil could also find its way into the river. This made finding a sustainable alternative fuel essential.

The shuttering would need to be lifted over the 4m height of the rebar cage which had already been built. This required a crane that could lift to the combined height of the 4m shuttering, the 4m rebar cages, and the required chain attachments. As well as a crane that could handle the weight of the 600kg shuttering at a height of 12m.

After the initial site survey and technical assessment, the MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane was selected for this installation. Being so close to the sensitive environment of the river bio-oil was used as an alternative to the hydraulic fluid. Due to the MCC805’s 2500mm max width, the machine would be able to drive easily through the narrow access points. With an 8-tonne maximum capacity, it was well suited to lifting the shuttering. The 15m max lifting height also meant the crane could easily handle the 12m lifting height required.

The robust tracks and ±13˚ gradeability allow for easy travel over rough terrain and an excellent pick and carry ability. With a 360˚ continuous slew angle, the MCC805 is able to reach and manoeuvre loads from multiple positions.

By using the MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane the shuttering was able to easily be shifted within the proposed time frame. The MCC805 was delivered to a nearby car park and the operator travelled it down the 3m wide path beside the Kirkstall Viaduct.

The MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane holding shuttering in place.

The MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane holding shuttering in place.

Working alongside the river, the MCC805’s tracks were able to easily travel around the narrow construction site. At just 5m wide the setup area presented a challenge but was surmounted by the crane’s 360˚ slew angle, allowing the operator to easily rotate the crane to pick up shuttering and position it over the wall for installation. The precise controls allowed the operator to position the shuttering and hold it in place while being installed.

GGR Group’s MCC805 Mini Crawler Crane enabled the speedy completion of the flood defence walls. By accurately lifting and positioning the shuttering, once complete the customer’s team could fill the frame with concrete. Once the concrete cured the crane removed the shuttering for the finishing touches to be added to the flood walls. This important step in the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme will contribute to the improvement of flooding around the River Aire.


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