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GGR Group is an industry leader for lifting solutions and was approached by Canal and River Trust for an essential bridge replacement at Greenberfield Locks, Barnoldswick.

MCC1005 Mini Crawler Crane on Greenberfield Locks canal.

MCC1005 Mini Crawler Crane on Greenberfield Locks canal.

As an important recreational area for the locals as well as a significant part of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal the area is highly maintained to ensure the most enjoyment of the scenery. As part of the Lancashire Pennines the canal receives visitors all year round and is a popular place for walking, fishing, and narrow boating.

With almost 30 years of experience, GGR Group has been involved in many projects involving canals and sensitive areas similar to this. GGR was eager to get involved in order to provide the highest quality service to meet the client’s needs.

The project being on a canal immediately posed a challenge as working near any body of water poses its own risks for operatives and equipment alike. Due to the bridge’s location, it also meant there could be an issue with getting the sizable plant from the road to the canal itself. The access to this section of the canal was along narrow country lanes, a limited access road bridge, and the undulating terrain of the canal path. The challenging access meant the Bridge lift would need a machine small enough to fit on a 3.8m wide path and be suited to uneven terrain and steep hills.

Due to the restrictions of the crane being unable to track on the grassy bank of the canal the crane also needed great manoeuvrability that would allow it to remove and install the bridge easily. GGR Group had to pull from their extensive experience in bespoke lifts to choose the correct type of plant and how to apply it to this complex job.

After a site survey and technical assessment, our team decided on the MCC1005 Mini Crawler Crane. This mighty machine stands at just 3110mm wide with a 10-tonne lifting capacity. This meant the crane could handle the 1.5-tonne load weight of the bridge being removed while also being mobile to lift the bridge onto awaiting transport – with an extendable boom of up to 17.3m the MCC1005 was the right tool for the job.

The MCC1005 had all the features needed for this lift including wide tracks for balance and a ±25˚ gradeability suited for the difficult terrain along the journey. This would prove useful as the crane could easily manoeuvre down the access slope and avoid accidentally entering the restricted embankment of the canal.

GGR Group was able to apply their expertise and use their reliable MCC1005 to effectively deliver on the project. The crane was driven down the country lane being marshalled by both GGR’s trained staff alongside the client and was easily directed down to the canal side. The operator carried out a trial run of the lift to ensure the crane could position its hook block where needed with sufficient capacity at the required radius needed.

MCC1005 Mini Crawler Crane lifting a bridge on a canal.

MCC1005 Mini Crawler Crane lifting a bridge on a canal.

After the physical capability was confirmed GGR was able to complete this lift with ease, the combination of the pick and carry ability, high lifting capacity, and lengthy boom meant that the old and new bridges were able to be removed and installed without any hassle.

Due to the impressive features of the MCC1005 Pick and Carry Crane and GGR Group’s skilled team, this lift was accomplished with speed and accuracy. The bespoke lift plan and specifically chosen crane were the perfect combination from GGR Group to guarantee the client a successful lift.

To see this lift in action watch our video here.


Here at GGR Group we pride ourselves in our innovative lifting solutions and our dedicated team that can provide contract lifts that have been personalised for your lift. To learn more about our products or speak to one of our team you can contact us here.


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