By: Kelly Holdaway On: March 10, 2015 In: Blog Comments: 0

image1 - CopyIt’s a good job that GGR’s team of expert operators can handle our UNIC mini spider cranes and glass vacuum lifters with such precision, there wasn’t much room for error on this job installing glazed units to two floors of a new department store in Exeter. It was a bit like getting cotton through the eye of a needle!

For this tricky job, a compact UNIC URW-095 mini crane, fitted with a searcher hook for extra reach, was hired to install internal glass screens to both the ground floor and first level. The dual circuit DSZ2 Slimline lifter was chosen for this job as its slender 180mm profile and 750kg capacity made it easier to safely lift the 417kg units through the narrow gap left between floors.

With extension arms added to its frame and 10 suction pads supporting the load, 3.9 metre tall panels were lifted up from the ground floor by the UNIC URW-095 crane and DSZ2 glass lifter through the 1.6 metre wide gap to be finally fitted on the upper level.

We provide lifting solutions for so many challenging jobs because we can work with painstaking accuracy to reach restricted access locations. Read more about how we lifted swimming pool glass panels from the roof of a London town house and squeezed a G70 pick and carry crane through a small doorway and down a narrow ramp to reach an underground car park.


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