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Mobile Gantry Crane Rental 3000Lifting experts GGR have ventured into mobile gantry crane rental. The latest additions to GGR’s lifting equipment are our new range of lightweight and portable gantry cranes which can lift up to 5 tonnes in the most restricted access areas.

Mobile Gantry Crane 2000, Mobile Gantry Crane 3000 and Mobile Gantry Crane 5000 are 2 tonne, 3 tonne and 5 tonne capacity wheeled gantries which are compact enough to work in confined indoor and outdoor locations.

A more practical alternative to larger fixed gantry cranes, the tallest 5000 model can lift to a maximum height of 4 metres. The leg height of each crane can be adjusted to suit different applications, from installing HVAC equipment and working in boiler rooms to resetting memorial stones in cemeteries and lifting exhibits in museums and galleries.

Mobile Gantry Crane Rental 5000

Quick to set up and dismantle, it only takes four bolts to secure the structure of each Mobile Gantry Crane.  The lightweight anodised aluminium gantries can be stowed away for easy transportation or wheeled into position on site with 360° swiveling lockable castors.

For lifting lighter loads, we also stock a 500kg capacity Mini Gantry Crane & Screw Clamp and a 1000kg capacity Portable Compact Gantry CraneContact us to find out more about which gantry crane is best suited to your lifting challenge.


To enquire about gantry crane rental contact our friendly team of lifting experts who can talk through your requirements to find the perfect kit for your project.

To take a look at other new additions to GGR’s range visit our New Products page.



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