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GGR Group is the no.1 for lifting solutions and has almost 30 years of experience in supplying glass lifting solutions. As glass lifting experts, we aim to provide the best solutions for all your glass lifting needs which includes glazing robots, handy machines for moving heavy glass without the need for much manual handling.

What Are Glazing Robots Used For?

When shifting heavy glass or multiple panels manual labour can become inconvenient and even dangerous. To combat this issue glazing robots are some of the best glazing lifting solutions due to their mobility and long booms which allow you to easily transport and install glass.

Glazing Robots for You

Below we have some of our best glazing robots and how their features can benefit you.

Atom 800 Glazing Robot moving glass.

Atom 800 Glazing Robot moving glass.

Geko 500

This impressive robot comes with a 3D head and a 500kg lifting capacity enabling you to be able to slew glass 90˚ left and right as well as tilt up and down. You can also rotate glazing 180˚ with the powered head, making positioning glass that much easier. The lifting height of 2.9m provides that needed reach a glazier could not achieve alone. The machine also has pneumatic rubber types which are perfect for travelling on rough terrain.

The Geko 500 was recently featured on an episode of ‘Grand Designs’ where it was used to install some large glazing pieces.

Atom 800

The Atom 800 was developed in answer to a need for a tracked glazing robot. The machine comes with a 100mm lateral sideshift function which assists with moving the glass into position. The tracks are controlled individually and are just 930mm wide. The small working footprint of this machine makes working in tight spaces easy as combined with the lateral sideshift making small adjustments is simple. The Atom 800 has an 800kg max capacity and a 360˚ powered pad frame rotation providing a solution for installing large glazing pieces.

Oscar 1400

The two-armed glazing robot can lift a massive 1400kg using its 14 suction cups and dual circuit system. The width spread of the cups covers 3390mm for supporting all your large glazing pieces and the hydraulically powered frame can rotate a full 360˚ for easy manipulation. It has a working height of 4.9m and a 90˚ tilt up and down for lifting from the floor and installing canopy glazing. The Oscar 1400 also comes with two stabilisers for added balance and safety on rough terrain.

At an art gallery in London, the Oscar 1400 had to shift glazed pieces of artwork weighing around 500kg. The pieces had to be transported from outside and into the basement for installation. The Oscar used its 360˚ rotation to turn it landscape to fit through the doors and back to landscape for installation.

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot installing art in a gallery.

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot installing art in a gallery.

Sky Robot 1500

This glazing robot is a UK first as a 100% battery-powered machine with a 26.16m reach and a max capacity of 1500kg. The eight independent vacuum pads ensure you have time to secure the load in the unlikely chance one of the pads fails. The fully articulating 3D head allows the user to manipulate glazing where needed. It can rotate 360°, tilt 90° up and 30° down and slew 80° left and right.

GGR Group is the no.1 for lifting solutions with almost 30 years of experience in glass lifting services. We have a wide range of glass lifting products that will be suited to your glass lifting needs, all of which our team of specialists can help you choose from. With our tailored lifting solutions, we’ll always find the right product for you. Contact our team by phone or by clicking here today.

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