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Libro 500 working at North Bristol Hospital

The Libro 500 overhang beam has proved to be an invaluable lifting tool on a number of construction projects for getting close to a building’s façade when installing high-level glazing.

The 500kg capacity Libro was recently used to install unitized glazing panels at the new North Bristol Hospital building. Attached to a tower crane, the Libro 500 lifted 400kg panels up to 30 metres in height, expertly installing the glass around the building’s overhang. The Libro’s rotating and tilting vacuum head securely held the load from the top of the glazed panels and could precisely move them into the required position for fixing.

This overhang beam also provided a practical solution for some reglazing work at Network Rail’s headquarters in Milton Keynes. To lift a 250kg glass sheet, the Libro 500 was combined with a 320kg capacity P11104 ‘Four-in-Line’ vacuum lifter to effortlessly lift the long slim glass panel into place.  Lifted to a height of 26 metres by a mobile crane, the Libro 500 worked around a large 2.5 metre overhang using a custom extension arm with extra length that had been designed and produced by GGR Group especially for the job.


Libro 500 at Network Rail HQ in Milton Keynes

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