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Steel Beam Manipulation Head at Heathrow Airport

GGR saved the day once again by coming up with an innovative solution to this lifting challenge at Heathrow airport, creating the new Steel Beam Manipulation Head.

Our EMU glazing robot is now even more versatile as it can be fitted with this steel girder lifting attachment to handle beams 150-254mm wide. Created by GGR’s research and development team especially for this project, the new invention was used to fit 150kg steel beams onto a canopy at what will be the new check-in desks at London Heathrow Terminal 2.

EMU robot with steel girder lifting attachment

These steel beams needed to be installed very close to underside of the canopy, so there was no space for a searcher hook or a below-the-hook clamp to fit in the space inbetween. Using the EMU’s flexible range of movement, the beams could be safely installed from below. The robot’s hydraulic powered tilt and rotation functions meant each load could be manipulated with precision until it was in the correct overhead position.

To find out more about the Steel Beam Manipulation Head and other bespoke product service contact our technical team.

The below-the-hook Easy Clamp for installing steel beams and girders is also available to hire or buy online..

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