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2017-03-31-PHOTO-00000229A versatile vacuum lifter and one of GGR Group’s most popular compact pick and carry cranes were hired to complete tricky glazing work in Bradford City centre.

Two shuffle glazing units needed to be installed to replace shattered units on the ground floor of this Retail Store.

A 2 tonne capacity G20 pick and carry crane transported the 490kg glazing units from the glass trolleys to their installation position. The glazing was then lifted into place using the Hydraulica 600 glass sucker.

A Hydraulica 600 was chosen thanks to its multi-configurable 360 degree continuous powered rotation and 90 degree hydraulic tilt. This gives the lifter ultimate control of heavy-duty loads, for precise installation in some of the most restricted install areas.

2017-03-31-PHOTO-00000187Offering two tonnes of lifting power, the G20 comes without the need for outriggers and a maximum safe working load of 2 tonnes x 0.5m. It is a practical alternative to a forklift and this pedestrian operated compact crane comes with a 5.3m maximum lifting height. The G20 can quickly pick, carry and place loads thanks to its 180° rear hydraulic drive, which makes it a firm favourite for a project of this type

Working in perfect harmony, GGR’s Hydraulica 600 and G20 pick and carry crane were able to complete this install with precision, ease and safety.

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