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Bumblebee Full PicOne of the strongest spider cranes on the market, the UNIC URW-706 was sent on a mission that had to be kept secret from the Decepticons…

GGR’s mini spider cranes know a little something about transformation, being mini yet mighty is no mean feat but they have got nothing on the transformation master, Bumblebee. The 8 metre tall, friendly giant has taken pride of place in a top secret location in the North of England.

The star of the Transformer movies was installed in four separate pieces, the heaviest section weighing in at 1,500kg. The URW-706 was able to lift each section with ease thanks to its impressive 6 tonnes of lifting power and its maximum lifting height of 19.5 metres was more than enough to assemble this 8 metre high, machine superstar. There were a team of GGR lifting experts on site to ensure the VIP was given the attention it deserved and was assembled safely and efficiently.

The UNIC URW-706 is one of the biggest mini cranes in our range, yet still compact enough for lifting in confined spaces. The spider crane’s compact dimensions came in very handy as it had to be tracked through a narrow tunnel before reaching the lifting site in an atrium. Once inside the mini crane had a very tight working space, this is just the sort of job that shows the versatility of these small cranes – the combination of strength and compact size makes light work of jobs where other machines would fail.

Bumblebee 1GGR Group Sales Director, Mike Heneghan said:

It is always great fun to get involved in projects like this one. It is important to remember that, whilst the project is a fun one, it comes with its own technical challenges and needs to be taken as seriously as any other lift. The working space on this job was tight so a full contract lift, with a team of GGR lifting experts on site, was the perfect way to ensure the lift was completed safely.

There was more than one impressive machine at work on this project. We hope Bumblebee will be very happy in his new home, we are not sure whether he comes to life after dark – but we certainly hope so!

If you would like to find out more about our range of spider cranes, give our friendly team of experts a call.

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