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ufo1Is it a UFO? Nope, it’s a GGR mini spider crane! A UNIC URW-706 Spider Crane was recently commissioned to help build a space themed, state of the art, child’s playground at Heaton Park, Manchester.

A bespoke UFO-style play frame was at the centre of GGR Group’s latest lift for the mini, yet mighty 706 spider crane. The lift was completed in three separate pieces, firstly, the 706 was used to take the weight of the centre column, which formed as the main part of the structure. The cylinder, weighing a hefty 550kg, had to be carefully manoeuvred into place.

It was then time for the UFO to take full shape, with the top piece being lifted into place; this weighing a huge 650kg. Finally the parks infamous slide was lifted into place in two separate pieces. With precise signalling and direction from GGR’s slinger on site, the URW-706 was able to manoeuvre the two pieces into place, each of which had a size of 7m and 9m and weighed up to 400kg each.

Graeme Riley, CEO of GGR Group said, “It is a great to be involved with the lifting for such a high profile project for the local area, Heaton Park playground is a much loved local attraction and we know its reopening has been highly anticipated in the area”.

ufo2The UNIC URW-706 has the perfect combination of working flexibility and power. This mini-crane is capable of handling loads of 6 tonnes to a radius of 3 metres and a height of 7.2 metres. An optional searcher hook and a 3.1m long fly jib deliver a maximum hook height of 22.7m.

The 706 can be controlled from the operators driving seat or by a fully function radio remote control for precise placement of loads. It is one of the biggest mini cranes in the UNIC range, possessing 6 tonnes of lifting power, yet still compact enough for lifting in a confined spaces where required.

GGR Group are Europe’s leading supplier of vacuum handling equipment, compact pick and carry cranes, UNIC mini spider cranes and restricted access lifting machinery.

The business was established in 1995 by brother and sister team Graeme and Gill Riley, who now hold the posts of chief executive and managing director respectively.

From small beginnings, the company employs over 100 people across three UK sites; its headquarters in Oldham, near Manchester; Haddenham in Buckinghamshire and at Blantyre in Scotland. The company also has a network of around 30 dealers across Europe and the United Arab Emirates.

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