By: Kelly Holdaway On: May 11, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

A Unic mini crane worked into the small hours recently at Kings Cross Station, London as it installed a new decorative clock onto Platform 8.

The 2.9 tonne capacity Unic URW-376 has both lifting power and compact dimensions, which made it the ideal piece of lifting equipment to move through the rail station and onto the 7.9 metre wide platform.

GGR operators first used the mini crane with webbing slings to lift the 795kg metal support frame, then they lifted the 500kg clock and its side fittings onto the beam whilst workers on an access platform securely fitted the pieces together.

Thanks to GGR’s Unic mini crane the 6 metre high clock was safely and easily installed overnight, causing no disruption to the commuters during rush hour the next morning.

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