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When Roca, a stylish bathroom design company, needed to glaze their new showroom, they knew that GGR Group would have the right equipment for the job. A number of mini cranes and glass vacuum lifters were sent to Imperial Wharf, London, ready to help with glazing work at various spots around the building.

Roca UK was established as a top of the range bathrooms manufacturer in 1993 and is part of the Spanish Roca group which started out in 1917. Roca has luxury showrooms in 135 countries and even stocks an elegant Armani designer collection.

Firstly a Galizia G20 Pick and Carry crane was used with a Hydraulica 1000 vacuum lifter to move the 900kg glass showroom front door into position. The 1000kg capacity vacuum lifter has a 90° hydraulic powered tilt function, making installation of heavier pieces of glass simple and safer.

The 2 tonne capacity G20 Pick and Carry crane was again used with the slender MRTA611 6-In-Line lifter to transport 500kg pieces of glass inside the showroom to construct a meeting room. The compact crane is only 1.65 metres tall so could easily fit inside the building and travel with its load.

The final piece of glazing work was fitting unusual 32mm triangular glass windows for the showroom’s exterior. This time a 3 tonne capacity Unic URW-506 mini crane was used with the Hydraulica 1000 lifter to move the panels into place.

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