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GGR Rail’s equipment has been frequently used at London’s bustling Kings Cross station for a number of important renovation projects where compact lifting power has been required in this confined, restricted access environment.

A 2.9 tonne capacity Unic URW-376 mini spider crane was used removed old bridge posts before helping to install a new replacement bridge. Our crane was able to work precisely and carefully, ensuring that the old bridge pieces were handled without damaging them, as the old bridge was to be sold to an American customer. This famous bridge appeared in the Harry Potter films when the characters were making their way to Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross.

GGR Rail’s miniature Unic spider cranes proved to be the ideal machines for carrying out lifting operations in restricted working areas on the station’s platforms. 3 tonne capacity Unic URW-506 mini cranes were hired to help install lifts, escalators and walkways, spending 8 weeks working on each narrow platform. A decorative clock was also fitted on Platform 8 by a Unic URW-376 crane.

A pair of our smallest pick and carry cranes, the G20 model, were used to move cross walkways to the platforms and into position ready for lifting with a Unic URW-706 spider crane. These compact cranes could be easily transported in and out of the station thanks to their miniature size. Two of our 6 tonne capacity Unic URW-706 cranes also assisted in removing scaffolding from under the domed roof of the station’s new western concourse.

During this station refurbishment project, GGR Rail’s equipment worked efficiently so work could be carried out overnight, over 56 hour shutdowns, Easter and bank holiday weekends, causing minimum disruption to the public.

Take a look at how GGR’s lifting machines have also helped to revamp Edinburgh Waverley and Blackfriars railway stations. For more information about our work in the rail sector visit the GGR Rail website.


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