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GGR Mini Crawler Crane

One of GGR’s mini crawler cranes has been used to erect a wind turbine high up in the Pennines of Lancashire. The MCC805 was tasked with installing the mammoth 18.6m high turbine. The wind turbines, manufactured in Yorkshire, are making waves in the field of sustainable energy. Each one is capable of powering twenty domestic houses at maximum power output of 60kw.

The MCC805 mini crawler crane is the ultimate mini crawler crane offering a class-beating lifting height of 15m and a huge 20.5m overall height with a fly jib. Compact yet powerful, this mini telescopic crawler crane boasts 8 tonnes of lifting muscle as well as 6.5 tonnes of pick and carry duty for superb productivity on site.

GGR Mini Crawler Crane Wind Turbine HubIt was all of this lifting power that allowed the mini crawler crane to assemble the wind turbine on the ground before it was raised; the rotor hub was fitted followed by three 8 metre long, fibre glass rotor blades.

GGR Mini Crawler Crane 1

As renewable energy becomes a more and more viable alternative to fossil fuels wind farms can be spotted all over the UK. The British manufactured Harbon wind turbines can provide owners with all of the power they need and have been tested to survive even the wildest storms in the Highlands of Scotland so the Pennines of Lancashire will be no problem for the robust wind turbine.

The crane was required to track across farmland to get to the turbine’s installation point so its hydraulic blade, mounted on the front of the chassis and designed to even-out any rough terrain and self-level the crane, was definitely an advantage. When the turbine is fully upright the rotor hub stands at 18.6 metres high with the rotor blades spanning 16 metres.

It is not the first time one of GGR’s mini but mighty cranes has been called upon to erect a wind turbine; the world’s largest spider crane the UNIC URW-1006 had the privilege of installing a very glamorous wind turbine.

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Take a look at this video to see just how a wind turbine is erected once it has been put together on the ground.

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