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Intelli Grip Vacuum LifterThe UK’s leading lifting specialist, GGR Group, has received a delivery of two vacuum lifters featuring the first two models of the innovative Intelli-Grip safety system. Featuring the serial numbers 0001 and 0002, these Intelli-Grip vacuum lifters are the first units in the world to be delivered from manufacturer Woods-Powr Grip, based in the USA.

Within the lifting industry, GGR Group has regularly been one step ahead when it comes to bringing pioneering technology to the UK, with the introduction of vacuum lifters, glazing robots and the introduction of UNIC spider cranes. The adoption of the Intelli-Grip machines – the next generation in vacuum lifters, signifies GGR Group’s commitment towards safety and innovation within the sector.

Developed by Woods-Powr Grip at the request of GGR, the Intelli-Grip technology monitors vacuum lifters in real-time, through performing multiple diagnostics and communicating them live on a colour LCD screen. This new technology allows the operator to determine, issues like leak rate, battery life and the current lifter mode in use, but also serves as a diagnostic system for the use of the equipment.

Intelli Grip Vacuum LifterThese new Intelli-Grip machines are designed to minimise operator errors, increase safety, help identify needs for further training and also add an extra failsafe to ensure the safe use of the equipment at all times.

Chris Lord, Technical Lifting Products Director at GGR said “We have been involved with vacuum lifting equipment for over two decades and have seen continuous improvement with regards to safety. The introduction of multiple circuits, a series of audio visual warnings to alert operators and regulations regarding maintenance and upkeep, have allowed vacuum lifters to be recognised amongst the safest lifting solutions available.

“However, we can’t physically be with every machine on site and this technology gives us significant insight into the machine’s performance and how it is being used, through the diagnostic data that is available. The Intelli-Grip technology gives us an unprecedented level of information to establish how our vacuum lifters are being used on site.”

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