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Mini Clad and UNIC crane installing hoarding panelsLifting long and slim units is no tall order for GGR Group as we have a range of vacuum lifters in stock which have been specially designed to safely handle materials of supermodel proportions.

GGR has the widest selection of vacuum lifting equipment available in Europe which means we have a lifting solution for installing glass, cladding and boards of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a selection of our lifters designed for handling long format units.

A UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane and Mini-Clad vacuum lifter were hired from GGR to install 325kg hoarding panels around this Mamas & Papas store at the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham recently.

The 0.995 tonne capacity spider crane was able to lift the 8.7 metre long coated board panels into position around the store front using the Mini-Clad lifter. An LPG powered crane was chosen to work inside the Bullring as it only emits non-toxic fumes.

Glass fin lifter installing long format glazingThe slimmest and lightest lifter in GGR’s range at just 100kg and 291mm deep, the Mini-Clad can lift vertical panels up to 18 metres long and 400kg in weight. Here’s the Mini-Clad lifting long slim coldstore panels with a G20 compact crane.


GGR’s Kombi 7211 CeDe SO02 machine is a specialist vacuum lifter designed for handling long and narrow glass fins which are becoming more and more common in architectural design.

The 900kg capacity fin lifter features a 7 metre long frame and up to 20 suction pads to provide enough coverage for safely handling long format structural glass and curtain walling. The Kombi 7211 CeDe SO02 fin lifter has been hired to work on Birmingham’s One Snow Hill building and was recently used on this glazing job in Hammersmith, London.


The Multi-Clad DT10 cladding lifter is another machine in GGR’s hire fleet which has been specifically designed to lift panels of this shape.

Two single Multi-Clad machine are joined together by a 10 metre long cross beam to create the 600kg capacity Multi-Clad DT10 which has 24 suction cups spaced along its lifting frame. This lifter can handle roof panels up to a massive 22 metres and it was selected to install these lengthy Kingspan insulated panels for a roofing company in Stockport. The DT10 lifter was also used at The Crystal building by Siemens.

Multi-Clad DT10 installing roof panels

For technical advice on how to choose the right vacuum lifter and compact crane for tackling your glazing or cladding project, please contact our customer services team at your nearest GGR Group depot.

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