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Image 3GGR’s green, Eco machine was called into action to lift a big screen at one of the UK’s premier arenas recently. The UNIC Eco-095 mini spider crane’s advanced technology allows it to provide fume-free lifting so is perfect for working indoors. This unique spider crane is powered by a rechargeable 48v battery with zero emissions to impact on the surrounding atmosphere.

The arena plays host to major music and sporting events that attract large numbers of visitors so it is vital that any work is carried out to have minimum impact on the environment. Alongside cutting edge technology, this innovative machine is the first of GGR’s spider cranes to feature low marking wheels for ultimate manoeuvrability when working on light-coloured or polished floor surfaces such as the ones in the arena.

The arena likes to make sure its visitors don’t miss any of the action; the public areas are lined with super-sized viewing screens. The screen to be lifted weighed in at 220kg, light work for the 2.9 tonne capacity mini crane. The eco crane’s lifting height of 8.41m was more than sufficient to reach the screen which was situated 6m above the ground. Once the old screen had been taken down, GGR lifted a brand new screen into its place.

Image 1GGR’s Sales Director, Mike Heneghan said, ‘These little machines really have revolutionised the way lifting operations can be carried out indoors. The Eco-295 retains all of the lifting power of our standard models whilst producing none of the emissions that can affect an indoor environment.’

The arena was ready to welcome its thousands of spectators in record time thanks to the operational efficiency of the UNIC Eco-295 mini spider crane; its ability to access interiors through a standard sized door means that minimal operational disruption is required to get the crane on site.

It is not just our mini green machines that are doing their bit for the environment, take a look at our zero emissions pick and carry cranes working in a manufacturing plant or one of our glass vacuum lifters working on a brand new eco-building.

If you would like to know how our kit could help your projects, give our friendly team of experts a call.

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