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Car Hoist & Spider CraneOne of GGR Group’s mini spider cranes recently teamed up with our bespoke car hoist to lift a Porsche Cayman S into pride of place at Stanstead Airport. Travellers passing through the busy terminal can enter a draw for the chance to win the dream machine – a whole new level of souvenir shopping!

It took an equally impressive machine to get the Porsche into position. The UNIC URW-506 mini crane is able to fit through a double doorway making it the perfect piece of kit to overcome the difficulties of getting heavy lifting equipment into an airport terminal.  In most airports the Police will have to close the access road and remove concrete bollards to get the car and lifting equipment into the terminal. Any doors, pillars, x-ray machines and metal detectors have to be removed to gain access to the airside part of the terminal.
Once the car and kit made it airside the crane and car hoist were set to work, the UNIC URW-506 made light work of the 1,415kg car thanks to its 3 tonnes of lifting power. Although the crane has the lifting power needed, it is GGR’s bespoke car hoist that has the skills needed to handle such a precious load. This piece of equipment enables damage free lifting, as the hoists lifts directly from the rubber tyres rather than the body of the vehicle.
Car in place with car hoistThe Project Manager onsite said:

The GGR team were (as always) amazing.  Well planned, calm, cautions and proactive. It was a first for the airport and in the face of some pretty nervous management across various departments; it was universally declared a triumph.

The Porsche is 1.8 metres wide and its wheelbase measures in at 2.48 metres; the two frames on the car hoist can be extended to accommodate the cars width and longer lifting slings can be fitted according to the wheelbase length of the car. The portable hoist consists of two steel box sections to support the wheels and sturdy slings which attach to the frame’s four points, so the car’s weight can be evenly distributed and lifted. The frame is simply slid underneath the car, straps and slings can be adjusted depending on the length of its wheelbase then the car is ready for lifting.

GGR’s car hoist has been out and about lots of times: it has lifted an Aston Martin at a shopping centre, lifted cars at Silverstone and a Mini Cooper in Dubai.

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