By: Melissa Nichols On: September 02, 2020 In: Blog Comments: 0

A GF30 pick and carry crane and an A66 crane operator were recently hired from GGR Group to help lift these huge precast concrete slabs into place in Oxford.

Selected for its small working footprint, the GF30 pick and carry crane is ideal for projects of this kind thanks to its heavy lifting capacity and compact chassis. This 3 tonne capacity machine also features solid tyres, making it perfect for travelling across rough and uneven terrain.

This mini machine comes with a radio remote control as standard and with no outriggers, it is the ideal crane for use in confined, hard to access areas and on busy, congested construction sites.

The GF30 pick and carry crane can also be used GGR’s range of vacuum lifters and with forks if required.

This mini machine has also proven popular for lifting machinery, glazing, steels and more.

To find out more about the GF30 click here, contact our team here or call 0161 683 2580 today.

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