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Man Basket

GGR Group now offers a selection of sturdy and stable workman baskets to provide a safe solution for working at height when space is limited.

We’ve added three working platforms to our new range of mobile access equipment to hire and buy, a 150kg capacity one man work basket, a sturdy Two-Man Basket and a 250kg capacity lightweight suspended aerial platform.

Able to lift one or two people and their tools, these enclosedplatforms with overhead protection are ideal for use as below-the-hook attachments with our UNIC mini spider cranes.

GGR’s compact cranes have proved a popular choice on telecoms maintenance and repair jobs as they are quick to set up in restricted access and have the reach and lifting power required to handle heavy telegraph poles as well as lifting personnel in a man basket.

For example, an operator in a man basket can be lifted by a UNIC mini crane to the top of the telegraph pole to disconnect cables before the mast is replaced. Don’t forget that a crane’s lifting capacity should be reduced by 50% when lifting people in mobile platforms and the crane should be thoroughly examined every six months.

Telecoms repair working using mini crane and man basket

Read more about how UNIC mini cranes have been used on telecommunications projects in Saddleworth, in the Welsh countryside and to replace railway signaling equipment in Macclesfield for Network Rail.

To take a look at the latest additions the GGR range of lifting and access solutions visit the New Products page.



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