By: Kelly Holdaway On: November 14, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0


Here’s another example of how Unic mini cranes can reach the most challenging of lifting locations, through sticky mud and autumn leaves in the Welsh woodland to help de-commission mobile phone masts.

A 6 tonne capacity Unic URW-706 was transported to a remote countryside location where an old mobile phone signal mast needed to be uninstalled. The mini crane’s compact size and tracks meant it could manoeuvre up steep inclines, around trees and over soft muddy ground to reach the mast.

After clearing the surrounding area to make the ground as even as possible, the crane’s moveable outriggers were expertly set up so it was stable and could lift safely.

The URW-706 mini crane’s hydraulic boom was extended to its full 19.2 metre length, so it could support the weight of the 2 tonne metal mast structure as it was lowered from its vertical position to the ground where it was dismantled ready for disposal.

It just goes to show that a versatile Unic mini crane is equally at home in secluded rural Wales as it is in on a typical urban construction site!


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