By: Kelly Holdaway On: February 19, 2014 In: Blog Comments: 0

G20 lifting cleaning pig at National Grid facility

The smallest of GGR’s pick and carry cranes, the 2 tonne capacity G20, was hired to lift an 850kg pig at a National Grid facility in Kendal recently. This wasn’t a hefty porker of the animal variety, but a mechanical cleaning pig which is used for essential gas pipeline maintenance.

Pigs like this one are used to clean the inside of large diameter pipes, making sure that there is no debris such as welding materials or loose pipecoating that could be restricting the flow of gas in the pipeline.

At just 935mm wide the battery powered G20 crane was able to easily navigate around the site to reach the “pig launcher”, where it lifted the brush-covered pig into position. Our G20 crane made this job so simple that there was no need for grunting on this pig lifting job!

Cleaning pig for gas pipeline maintenance

GGR’s compact cranes are often used at National Grid sites as practical solutions for tricky lifting challenges. Take a look at how our F200E pick and carry crane and MCC805 mini crawler crane helped with transformer replacement work and our 10 tonne capacity UNIC URW-1006 lifted circuit breaker silencers in UK substations.


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