By: Marc Pogorzelec On: June 14, 2016 In: Blog Comments: 0

The ancient stoneworkWhen it came to moving an ancient artefact recently, GGR Group had just the right stone lifting device to ensure the job was a solid success!

The G20 pick and carry crane was used to transport the 700kg stonework at a museum in the north of England.

The G20’s journey started outside the museum, from where it was tracked on plywood – to ensure there was no damage to the historic flooring – through three
sets of double doors and a lobby area. Once inside, the G20 got to work. Using three slings and  a chain and block, the headstone was lifted from against a wall into position on a waiting pallet. From there, it was moved into storage.

The G20 was a natural choice for this job – offering two tonnes of lifting power without the need for outriggers and a maximum safe working load of 2 tonnes x 0.5m. A practical alternative to a forklift, this pedestrian operated compact crane comes with a 5.3m maximum lifting height and can quickly pick, carry and place loads thanks to its 180° rear hydraulic drive.

And because the G20 is battery operated, there were no fume emissions – making it great for both the internal and external environment!

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