By: Kelly Holdaway On: March 13, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

We can’t get enough of seeing weird and wonderful objects being lifted by our compact cranes here at GGR. This photo put a smile on our faces!

After helping to install some steelwork with a Unic URW-506 mini crane at a house recently, the GGR operator hired for the job was asked a rather unusual favour. The residents wanted their favourite dog ornament moved from one area of the garden to another, so they asked if the mini crane could lend a hand with lifting the heavy statue.

Always happy to assist, GGR’s crane operator secured the precious pooch to the crane’s hook with a webbing sling and then it took to the skies. In no time at all the dog was placed in its new spot in the garden and the customers were very thankful for the help.

Have you lifted something out of the ordinary with a GGR crane or vacuum lifter? Send your images to and we will publish the best photos on our blog – as long as no health and safety rules are broken of course!

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