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Five UNIC mini spider cranes have been sold in Belgium.

DUMA RENT, who specialise in the rental of plant machinery from some of the most renowned brands around the world, has taken delivery of two URW 706-2 cranes – the first of the new 706-2 model to be sold in Europe.

They also received two URW 295 models, along with the environmentally friendly ECO295 spider crane.

Upon its arrival, the Eco spider crane went straight to work on a lifting project at the local airport in Belgium. The UNIC battery powered Eco-295 model provides fume-free lifting and driving for sensitive environments like airports; this unique spider crane is powered by a rechargeable 48v battery with no emissions impacting on the surrounding atmosphere.

The new UNIC URW 706-2 is the second highest capacity UNIC cranes in the range, yet at 1670mm wide it is still narrow enough to gain access through a standard double doorway. It also offers a new hydraulic searcher hook and provides a maximum hook height of 25.9 meters.

All the cranes sold were supplied full spec with fly jibs and electric options. These options will increase the working envelope of the cranes and allow greater lifting range with the additional hook blocks, making them more versatile for a variety of industries.

After purchasing 7 mini spider cranes in the middle of 2016 and with these 5 delivered in January 2017, the total UNIC cranes in their fleet is now 12. DUMA RENT whose head offices are in Belgium, will provide these UNIC spider cranes on hire through their rental depots in both Belgium and in France. DUMA RENT pride themselves on only working with high quality products like UNIC mini spider cranes.

Graeme Riley CEO of GGR Group commented “It’s fantastic to see companies across Europe significantly growing their spider crane fleet. The demand for these specialised mini cranes, to lift in some of the most compact and challenging environments has never been higher. We are delighted to have been able to support DUMA Rent with their continued business growth in the machine rental sector.  As the market leader for specialist lifting solutions, with the biggest fleet and the largest capacity equipment for sale, we were the natural choice for them”.

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