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DSC_1679-smaller comDutch firm Mavebo B.V. have added two UNIC Mini Spider cranes to their hire fleet. The UNIC URW-295 and its big brother, the UNIC URW-1006 were purchased from UNIC Dealer Aerial Work Platforms B.V. in the Netherlands.

Eric Bos, owner of Mavebo B.V. worked as a crane driver for many years before setting up the company in 2014. Mavebo specialise in the restricted access market and feel that the UNIC mini cranes are a valuable addition to their already extensive hire fleet.

The UNIC URW-295 and UNIC URW-1006 are pioneering machines in the mini crane market.  The UNIC 295 was the first of its kind for sale in EU, small enough to allow access through a standard doorframe but with 2.9t of lifting power. At the other end of the scale is the mighty UNIC URW-1006, the world’s strongest mini crane with a colossal 10 tonnes of lifting power.

DSC_1749 comBoth of these spider cranes are world leaders thanks to their impressive technical specifications. The UNIC URW-295 boasts a multitude of safety features including a computer-controlled, intelligent voice warning system, whilst the UNIC URW-1006 is fitted with a state-of-the-art safe load indicator that has a high resolution colour display and a multi-function radio remote control that gives digital feedback to the operator for safer lifting.

Mavebo B.V. foresees that both cranes will be used primarily in factory/warehouse settings and so have purchased both machines with the electric-powered option.  Being powered by mains electric means that these mini cranes have zero emissions making them an ideal choice for use indoors. Amongst other things, the UNIC URW-1006 is likely to be hired for the erection of large lifts in automated warehouses. Mavebo B.V. predicts that its customers will be very happy with the new cranes and will have many opportunities to put them to good use.

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