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Crane hire specialists

IMG_1498 (Small)Crane hire experts GGR Group have recently supplied a UNIC URW-1006 for an electrifying job at a power station. The world’s strongest spider crane was hired to fit new busbars in nine different locations around the power plant.

In electrical power distribution, a busbar is a metallic strip or bar that conducts electricity. Busbars are produced in a variety of shapes such as flat strips, solid bars and rods, solid or hollow tubes, and braided wire.  The ones installed on this job weighed in at 150kg each which was no trouble for the mighty mini crane but with each busbar measuring 14m in length, it was the URW-1006’s colossal 22m of lifting height that was needed to complete the job.

Getting the job done

Crane Hire 1006 Power StationWhen it comes to crane hire GGR’s versatile fleet has a machine for every type of project. The UNIC URW-1006 is the largest in our range of UNIC Spider Cranes, its 10 tonnes of lifting power have been utilised on jobs like installing the rotor hub and fins on a wind turbine, lifting cars for an event at Silverstone, glazing an apartment building and many more.

GGR’s crane hire is the popular solution when contractors have varied work projects, where one type of crane just doesn’t cut it. The energy sector is just one of the broad range of sectors that GGR cranes regularly work in. Take a look at our Power Industry Gallery to find out more about our work in the sector.

GGR Group offer crane hire and operator hire as well as our full contract lift service. You can find out the differences between these services in this blog post on the subject. If you are not sure which crane or service is best for your project just give our friendly team of experts a call. We are on hand to help you select the right kit and to assist as much as we can to ensure your project is completed safely and efficiently.

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