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Here at GGR Group we are committed to providing our customers with the best machines on the market and a service to match. This crane buying checklist runs through all of the vital things you must think about before committing to a purchase. Here we explain why end users need to consider cost, safety, maintenance, and much more when buying a crane.

This list outlines the minimum precautions to be taken when making such an important purchase. It is not meant as a set of instructions for buying a crane but we hope it will prove useful in answering some of the common questions that arise.

Watch a video on our top tips here.

1. It is not just about the initial cost of the crane

It is a strategic mistake to base your purchase solely on the initial purchase price of the crane. Factors such as the cost of preventive and/or corrective maintenance in the future are just as important. Businesses that invest in the durability and reliability of their machines understand that they may be more expensive today, but they will be much more cost effective tomorrow.

Whilst the purchasing manager might be congratulated for his bargain buy today, the maintenance and finance teams won’t be thanking them after costly repairs tomorrow.

2.Think about safety

It would be a big mistake to ignore the crane’s safety elements as they can have a direct impact on the machine’s working life. As the buyer, you may not need to know the ins and outs of European safety standards but you do need to make sure that the manufacturer complies with it. All of GGR’s mini cranes are CE certified and comply with strict safety standards.

Your new crane may look good but, if it doesn’t meet safety standards, it will endanger lives.

3. Ask about key features

The hook might seem like a mere accessory but it is vital to safety as a load hanging element. Ask about the design of the hook and make sure it meets your requirements. The hook may not seem important to a purchasing manager but it definitely will be to the people working with the crane.

4. Don’t forget about maintenance

In an ideal world, all of your machines would be in perfect working order all of time. A reputable manufacturer will be able to give advice on preventative maintenance that will extend the working life of the crane. Here at GGR Group we aim to offer great service throughout the buying process and for the lifetime of your machine.

Never believe someone that says their cranes never break down – they are lying! Even the best machines need to be looked after.

5. Get a crane with sufficient lifting capacity

You should never expect to get extra lifting power from your crane. Overloading a crane endangers safety and shortens its working life due to excessive wear on its components. For loads over 1,000kg a load limiting device is required to prevent the temptation to push the crane beyond its safety limits.

Our mini cranes can safely lift up to 10,000 kg – the visual feedback displays on a number of our models ensure that the load can be closely monitored throughout a lift.

Crane Buying Checklist Infographic

6. Ask about fuel options

There are many fuel options available, including diesel, petrol, mains powered, battery powered and LPG – as well as combinations of these. When choosing a fuel option it is important to think about where your crane will be working.

If the machine is primarily used outside on construction sites then diesel might be your preferred choice, but with concerns for the environment becoming more prevalent you might want to go for a battery powered or LPG fuel. Similarly, if your machine is likely to be working in sensitive environments: food preparation, museums, listed buildings, then mains or battery powered is going to best suit this work.

7. Think about the inclusion of cutting edge technology

Does the crane you want to buy have the most up-to-date technology? A crane doesn’t need to be as sophisticated as a space rocket but it is a vital machine for making your business profitable. Many of GGR’s market-leading cranes come with remote controls, Safe Load Indicators and high resolution LCD display screens as standard.

8. Ask about innovative safety features

It is all very well having fancy features on a crane but do they contribute to the safe operation of the machine? The health and safety of our customers, staff and contractors is the key motivator in the development of technology for our cranes. Our safe load indicators are always under development to ensure they remain ahead of the game – maintaining GGR’s position as market leader.

9. What about after-sales support?

Our dedicated Technical Support team are on hand day or night meaning you can get our help exactly when you need it. Our large stock of spare parts makes getting the parts you need super fast, with many being delivered within 24 hours. Along with our 12 months warranty you can be sure you are in safe hands.


10. Think about the overall quality of the machine

A well-manufactured machine, with the correct maintenance, will stand the test of time and provide best value for money.

We hope that this list will prove useful when you are purchasing your next mini crane. Be sure to check out our extensive range of mini spider cranes, industrial pick and carry cranes, mini crawler cranes and trailer cranes.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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