By: Kelly Holdaway On: December 09, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0

We recently took part in constructing an impressive new landmark at London’s Royal Docks, the Crystal, a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens.

With the aim of the Siemens project being to design and construct a building which could lead the way in reaching the highest standards of sustainability possible, GGR Group were brought on board to provide a time and cost efficient solution to installing special cladding panels onto the 7,000 square metre building .

Insulated glazed cladding panels ranging from 3 metres to 17 metres in length were transported onto the scaffolding before being individually picked up by GGR’s Multi-Clad vacuum lifter and moved into place for installation.

Three machines in the Mulit-Clad range were used to complete the job, the standard Multi-Clad lifter on its own for the smaller 3 metre long panels, the Multi-Clad DT6 for panels up to 10 metres long and the Multi-Clad DT10 for the largest 495kg panels being lifted.

Using the Multi-Clad lifters, 400 cladding panels were installed, creating a reflective surface on the facets of the building which are designed to catch the natural daylight and create an impressive effect on the waterside.

We can’t wait to see how  it looks when the project is finished!


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