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Clad-King and MCC495Two of GGR Group’s mini, yet mighty machines were requested for cladding work on a building in Widnes, Cheshire.

The MCC495 mini crawler crane teamed up with the Clad-King cladding vacuum lifter to install 11m x 1m x 40mm, micro-rib cladding panels.

Each panel weighed approximately 200kg, with enough to fit a 45-metre run along the building. Power and control were key for this job.

The MCC495 offers a compact alternative to lifting heavy loads within restricted areas. Built with solid tracks, this mini crawler crane offers stability when operating on rough and uneven terrain.

Boasting a lifting capacity of an impressive 4.9 tonnes and a maximum lifting height of 16.35 metres, this mini but mighty machine makes the perfect lifting partner.

Clad-King and MCC495The Clad-King is an extremely versatile vacuum lifter, capable of installing both horizontal and vertical cladding panels of up to 14 metres long. Due to a multi-configurable frame, its pads can be repositioned to fit a variety of panel shapes or ridges.

Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 320kg, this vacuum lifter also features a 90 dampened tilting function for a quicker and safer installation.

Working as a team, the MCC495 and the Clad-King provided strength and precision when fitting these cladding panels.

For more information on the Clad-King, click here.

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