By: Melissa Nichols On: March 05, 2020 In: Blog Comments: 0

UNIC URW-295 Lifting Steel

The 2.9 tonne capacity UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane was recently hired from GGR Group to help lift and place steel beams, as part of ongoing construction works in London.

Famous for its small working footprint and heavy lifting capacity, the UNIC URW-295 made its way to its rooftop lifting location through using the onsite passenger lift. At just 0.6m wide it’s the ideal machine for passing through standard doorways and weighing in at just 1850kg it is perfect for projects of this kind where access to the lifting location is restricted.

Once successfully making it to its rooftop location, the UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane helped lift and place steel beams from the ground below. Once lifted from the ground level, this versatile mini crane then helped erect the steel structure with the heaviest beam weighing in at 800kg.

Manufactured to the highest standards in design, durability and safety, UNIC cranes ensure optimum performance on site along with unrivalled technical capabilities. The UNIC URW-295 spider crane includes a Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, where the crane uses a safe load indicator to prevent the crane operating outside of its safe working envelope.

To find out more about this mini crane click here or if you wish to discuss in more detail please call us on 0161 683 2580.

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