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A UNIC mini spider crane was hired to help glaze this futuristic looking extension to a pavilion at Brno exhibition centre in the Czech Republic. This section of the convention centre has been renovated and turned into the VIDA! Science museum which holds over 150 interactive exhibits.

A 0.995 tonne capacity UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane was hired from Czech UNIC dealers KMB Stavební servis s.r.o  to fit glazing inside the extension and install external glazing in hard to reach areas of the adjoining building.

At just 600mm wide when in its stowed position, the compact UNIC URW-095 crane is designed for internal lifting so was the ideal solution for working in this enclosed space. The crane was fitted with a small searcher hook and glass vacuum lifter to install the glazed units underneath the building’s low ceiling.

BVV Brno has 15 exhibition halls and is the home of trade fairs in the Czech Republic’s second largest city. The VIDA! museum opened its door on the 1st December 2014.

Take a look at how a UNIC URW-095 crane was used at The World of Techology Museum in Ostrava, Czech Republic to help build a tree exhibit.

For advice about how to handle tricky internal glazing work please contact our technical support team at your nearest GGR depot. To find out where you can find UNIC mini crane outside the UK, visit the Dealers page of our UNIC Cranes Europe website.

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