By: Kelly Holdaway On: July 24, 2015 In: Blog Comments: 0

UNIC Mini Spider Crane on top of The Shard

Our compact and transportable UNIC mini spider cranes are taken to all sorts of lifting locations, but this UNIC URW-706 crane has surely gone to one of the most spectacular spots around as it sits at the very top of The Shard.

For the faint-hearted who don’t like heights, it’s probably best to look away now! The operators working on The Shard have been treated to some amazing birds-eye views of London, and in these new shots taken by GGR staff from a helicopter you can see what a truly incredible height we are working at.

Find out about the work we are doing on the project and how we got our UNIC mini spider crane all the way up there in our blog.




Take a look at this special video to see the sheer scale of this operation. No job too big for the mighty mini crane!


Take a look at our Gallery to see more great pictures of our high-flying work!


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