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UNIC URW-295 Lifting Timber

A UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane was recently commissioned to help lift and place timber for this construction project in the UK.

The UNIC URW-295 is the ideal machine for lifting timber structures thanks to its heavy lifting capacity and reach. This machine includes a maximum lifting height of 8.8m and can lift up to a huge 2.9 tonnes.

The UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane is also the ideal machine for lifting heavy loads in compact and hard to access areas. It is perfect for working on rough, uneven terrain thanks to its heavy-duty rubber tracks.

The UNIC URW-295 features a lift smart safety system which prevents the crane from operating outside its envelope for enhanced safety during lifting operations.

Our range of lifting solutions products are capable of lifting a variety of heavy materials. With impressive lifting capacities and capabilities, as well as impressive maximum lifting heights, our mini cranes have the power to lift different shapes and sizes of wooden beams.

Our range of timber projects over the years have included lifting beams in place for building structures and home renovations. A UNIC URW-376 also helped build the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, lifting multiple timber beams into position for installation.

To find out more about the UNIC URW-295 mini crane click here or contact us directly here.

YOu can also take a look at our dedicated Timber Gallery here.

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