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With the increasing need for eco-friendly plant and machines in construction, GGR Group has continued to innovate and adapt with the industry. With a focus on innovation and green solutions, we are dedicated to providing products that not only meet the needs of our customers but also minimise our impact on the planet. Below you can discover the fume-free options we have available for hire.

UNIC Eco Cranes

UNIC Eco Cranes are powered by rechargeable 48v batteries, eliminating harmful diesel emissions and offering fume-free lifting for sensitive environments. Whether it’s navigating through listed buildings, airports or clean environments, these cranes provide efficient and eco-friendly lifting solutions without compromising on performance.

Wheeled Eco Cranes: The ECO-095 and ECO-295 wheeled models offer lifting capacities of up to 0.995t and 2.9t respectively. Measuring just 750mm wide, these compact cranes are designed for interior access and feature low-marking wheels for ultimate manoeuvrability on light-coloured or polished floor surfaces.

Tracked Eco Cranes: The ECO-095 and ECO-295 tracked variants retain all the environmentally friendly benefits of the wheeled models but are designed to travel over rough terrain and operate on uneven surfaces. With lifting capacities matching their wheeled counterparts, these cranes are ideal for both external and internal lifting operations in sensitive environments.

Pick and Carry Cranes

Our range of pick and carry cranes is entirely battery-powered, offering efficient and fume-free lifting solutions for a variety of applications. From the powerful MC350 with a lifting capacity of up to 35 tonnes to the compact G20 with a lifting capacity of 2.0t, these cranes provide versatility and performance without compromising on environmental sustainability. Whether it’s industrial environments, substations or clean air zones, our pick and carry cranes help reduce carbon footprint while maintaining operational efficiency and lifting capacity.

Mini Crawler Cranes

Our MCC500D and MCC1004 models, fitted with a Euro Stage V engine, offer impressive lifting capabilities with zero emissions. Able to be used in ULEZ areas these cranes meet exhaust emission standards and enable cleaner operating environments. With lifting capacities ranging from 5.0t to 10.0t and maximum lifting heights of up to 21.5m, these compact cranes are perfect for heavy-duty lifting projects in confined and restricted spaces. Designed to operate in environmentally sensitive areas, these cranes provide a sustainable solution combined with power and performance.

Electric Telehandlers

Our range of electric telehandlers, including the 6.26 and 17.45 models, offer environmentally friendly options for materials handling operations. With zero CO2 emissions and lithium battery technology, these telehandlers provide the same performance as their diesel counterparts without the noise and pollution. Whether it’s warehousing, logistics or construction, our electric telehandlers offer a viable solution for today’s environmentally focused market.

TMC 25 Electric

The TMC 25 Electric Articulated Crawler Crane is an eco-friendly solution for lifting in tight quarters. With its compact design and electric power option, this nimble crane is perfect for navigating shopping centres, museums, hospitals and more.

Retaining all the lifting power of its diesel counterpart, the TMC 25 Electric boasts a slim width of just 780mm, allowing it to access the tightest of spaces with ease. Its dynamic jib extends the working radius, providing operators with the reach they need for precision lifting tasks.

Vacuum Lifters

GGR Group’s vacuum lifters offer safe and efficient options for lifting glass, stone and cladding materials. From our MRT4 Intelli-Grip Dual Circuit lifter to our Stone Slab Vacuum Lifter GSK1500, these machines are powered by rechargeable batteries and feature advanced technologies such as Intelli-Grip for enhanced safety and performance.

With lifting capacities ranging from 70kg to 8500kg, our vacuum lifters are suitable for a wide range of applications, from glazing to construction projects. Designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency, they streamline lifting operations while minimising the risk of accidents or damage to materials.

Tracked Carriers

Tracked Carriers are versatile machines which are designed for transporting heavy loads across rugged terrain, offering exceptional manoeuvrability and control in confined spaces.

With the option of being powered by rechargeable batteries our tracked carriers deliver impressive lifting capacities and gradability, making them indispensable tools for materials handling in both indoor and outdoor settings. With features such as automatic self-levelling beds and non-marking tracks, they ensure maximum efficiency and safety in any environment.

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