Stone Slab Vacuum Lifter GSK1500

Capacity: 1500kg

The GSK1500 stone vacuum lifter is powered by a rechargeable battery and is able to lift up to a capacity of 1500kg. It is designed for lifting both vertical and horizontal loads and features an audio-visual low vacuum warning that notifies the operator should a vacuum leak occur.

Designed to lift stone and various other materials, this machine has the ability to lift up to 1050kg flat loads when using 700 x 700 suction pads and up to 600kg vertical. When used with 1000 x 700 suction pads the GSK1500 benefits from a flat load capacity of up to 1500kg and up to 1050kg for vertical loads.

This model features a stop-start vacuum system to lift and manoeuvre concrete, stone slabs, steel plates and steel sections. The GSK1500 should be used with GGR’s secondary safety device at all times, for enhanced safety when lifting loads.

If you are looking to hire or purchase a Stone Slab Vacuum Lifter GSK1500, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

  • 1050kg vertical – 1500kg flat with 1000 x 700mm suction pad
  • 600kg vertical – 1050kg flat with 700 x 700mm suction pad
  • Visual vacuum gauge
  • Stop-start single circuit vacuum system
  • Low vacuum warning alarm and visual indicator lamp
  • 12v battery with 240V charger
  • Weight: 95kg without pads
  • Dimensions 700 x 450 x 500mm
  • This lifter should be used with GGR’s Secondary Safety Device at all times.
  • Ref: VSL41

Please note: Before using stone vacuum lifters we advise a sample of the material is tested by GGR Group


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