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Starworker 1600A Starworker 1600 trailer crane and P11104 glass vacuum lifter recently teamed up for a glazing role on a University building in Newcastle.

For this project, 2m x 1m glass panels had to be lifted and placed on to the roof of the building. Control and height were key to enabling the glass, weighing in at 150kg, to safely be lifted and manipulated into place with precision.

Trailer cranes are the ideal crane for hard-to-reach spots and restricted areas, making them the perfect option for high-level lifting and glazing of this kind. The Starworker 1600 is GGR Group’s highest lifting capacity trailer crane, boasting a huge 1.6 tonne lifting capacity and a lifting height of up to a huge 30 metres.

Assisting the Starworker 1600 with this lift was the P1104 glass vacuum lifter, the ultimate vacuum lifter for safe lifting. Benefitting from a lifting capacity of up to 320kg, this vacuum lifer is designed with four-in-line vacuum pads, perfect for fitting flat, square or rectangular pieces of glass. With features like, a 180° rotation and 90° tilt, this vacuum lifter is extremely versatile.

The P11104 glass vacuum lifter also features innovative Intelli-Grip technology and has a built in audio and visual low vacuum alert, allowing operators to monitor its performance. The feature carries out multiple diagnostics and communicates them via a colour LCD screen, for ultimate safety when lifting at height!

For a tricky roof re-glaze, the Starworker 1600 and the P11104 vacuum lifter made the safest and smartest team.

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