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UNIC mini crane lifts steel statue

One of GGR’s UNIC spider cranes helped lift a man of steel to create this sculpture in Sheffield’s Velocity Village recently.

The UNIC URW-376 mini crane and a team of GGR’s operators spent the day building the “Tall Dreams” sculpture in the courtyard of the residential and office development in Sheffield city centre.

“Tall Dreams” was designed by artist Steve Medhi and shares the same signature style as his proposed Yorkshire Man of Steel sculpture, a 30 metre tall sculpture that is hoped will be Yorkshire’s answer to the Angel of the North.

UNIC mini crane being lifted onto walkway

The 2.9 tonne capacity UNIC URW-376 mini crane was first lifted by a truck mounted crane onto 2.5 metre high walkway, which the crane was then tracked along to reach the same level as the courtyard. This was a tricky operation as the 1.3 metre wide crane had to travel along the 2 metre wide walkway and perform a tight turn to get around the corners.

UNIC URW-376 crane erecting statue in Sheffield

Once the mini crane was set up in the courtyard it erected the 1800kg, 4 metre tall column into its vertical position. The arms of the 1.5 metre tall figure were then wrapped in slings so the crane could safely lift the man into place, sitting on top of the column.

UNIC URW-376 crane lifts figure on top of statue

GGR’s UNIC mini cranes are often hired to help on tricky sculpture installation projects in restricted access areas, view our Art & Sculptures gallery to see more. Find out more about hiring a UNIC mini crane by contacting our customer service team.

Tall Dreams statue in Sheffield

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