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UNIC mini crane at Glasgow substation

This UNIC spider crane’s compact size and flexible outriggers made it the ideal miniature machine for safely working in this  substation where there was very little elbow room!

A UNIC URW-095 mini crane was hired from GGR Group to lift station post insulators into position inside this small plant room with restricted access and very limited space to work in. The crane’s multi-positionable outriggers allowed GGR’s operator to work in a number of set up locations around obstacles such as the large steel frame which the post insulators were being placed on top of.

UNIC URW-095 lifting post insulators at substation

The lightweight, 0.995 tonne capacity UNIC crane is just 600mm wide crane could easily gain access to the control room. The mini crane lifted each 25kg insulator up to a 6.5 metre height to be fitted by the installer in an access platform. An LPG powered crane model was used so only non-toxic fumes were released in this enclosed space.

This work was part of a £6.3m project at Finnieston which is a new medium voltage electrical substation.

UNIC mini crane at Finnieston substationGGR’s compact cranes are regularly hired for lifting projects at substations around the UK, for example when our 10 tonne capacity UNIC URW-1006 spider crane replaced circuit breaker silencers at East Claydon substation. Our F200E Plus pick and carry crane and MCC805 mini crawler crane also removed and installed transformers at substations in the Midlands. UNIC mini cranes are often used for electrification maintenance work on rail projects, like at this feeder station in Retford.



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